Regular Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

1.     How do you charge plus size?

We charge extra according to the sizes and styles of the dresses. Usually, we charge 10~20USD for size 18~22; and 20~40USD for size 24~30. For the sizes over 30, we will quote separately.

2.     What is your delivery time?

Our regular delivery time is low season is 7~8 weeks after payment. In the high bridal season from January to April, and September to December, it takes longer, approximately 9~10 weeks. Our production time is also affected by national holidays, especially Chinese New Year of 2~3 weeks holiday, others like one week holiday of Labor’s Day, one week holiday of National Day holiday. The production time will be extended accordingly by notice.

3.     How do you ship your gowns? And what is the shipping cost?

We ship most of our gowns by DHL and UPS. It usually takes about 5~7 working days. We do not guarantee the shipment time at any force majeure. The shipping cost is 35~40USD each dress. 

4.     What is your Payment Terms?

We usually work with Bank Wire and PayPal. Bank Wire is preferred. By PayPal, we need the payments to be done by friends and family, so that we are less charged, otherwise we will lose 4.4% charged by PayPal. For smaller amount under $3,000, we need full payment in advance. For bigger amount over $3,000, we can do with half deposit to start the production and the rest when the shipment is ready. But most of our customers pay full in advance. And they enjoy faster shipment in priority!

5.     Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts according to the quantity. Basically, 2% discount for an order of 20~29pcs; 3% discount for 30~49pcs; and 5% discount for 50+pcs.

6.     What is your minimum order?

We have no minimum requirement if you don’t need territory protection. But if a new customer in your area needs the exclusivity of our gowns and asks for territory protection, we will stop selling any new styles to you from then on. But the styles you already ordered are still reorderable for your store until they discontinue.

7.     Do you offer Territory Protection

Yes. We require annual minimum purchase of 40~80pcs each collection, including sample orders and special orders, to offer a radius of approximately 40~60miles territory protection according to the population density.

We offer territory protection only to those customers who meet our minimum requirement. If any customer could not meet the regulated quantity within the year, we would have a talk with the customer about their further plans about our dress before stopping new styles to them. If they drop the line in the new year, the old styles they already stocked in their store can still be reorderable until they discontinue. 

8.     How often do you discontinue your styles?

It depends on the sales of the styles. Usually, we renew the list of discontinued styles in our website and Facebook once a year. For popular styles, we usually keep them for many years to come. For unpopular styles, we may remove them from the collection after a year.

9.     Do you do rush orders?

Yes, we do rush orders, we usually charge 30USD each dress. The delivery time of rush orders depends on our production schedule. Usually, 2~3 weeks earlier than our regular delivery. We may not make rush orders in very high bridal season in Janaury to March. We post it in our website or Facebook.

10.  Do you make changes and how much does it cost?

Yes, we prefer standard orders, but we offer custom service to help our customers increase their sales. One dress is only allowed to make 1~2 small changes. We offer 10~50USD for the change. We can also include extra fabrics and laces with the order, so that our customers could make the changes on their own. Here is a list of changes we can make:

Customize the measurements;

Line the bodice front or fully lined;

Add buttons till end of the train;

Deepen or increase the neckline;

Shorten or lengthen the train if the skirt is made of pure chiffon, Mikado, crepe, satin,

Add spaghetti straps, long fitted sleeves, bishop sleeves, lantern sleeves, cap sleeves, flutter sleeves;

Make belts or straps removable;

Add/Replace/Remove glitter tulle to the dress;

Others you may inquire before you order.

We don’t make changes for the store samples. As we don’t keep records for any changes. So all changes are just done by one-and-for-all.

No change could be made for dresses made by embroidery, like LA010. Because these styles are drawn by hand as a whole piece.

11.  What’s the difference in collections. AZ versus LA?

AZ is our elegant collection by merging traditional and modern elements into exquisitely handcrafted gowns. While LA is our luxury couture collection, designed for fashion-forwarded brides.